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Late december 2014 Yiynova released a new and larger drawing monitor onto the market, the MVP22U+IPS (Version 3), and the improved technical specifications and my good experiences with the company considered, I decided to upgrade to this new cheap Wacom Cintiq alternative.[spacer size=”20″]

It is just over 2 years ago I wrote my review of the drawing monitor MSP19U from Yiynova and since then the screen has been used extensively both in my professional work as a graphic designer, but also privately with illustrations and espicially comic book drawing. And I have, in other words, been very, very happy with the screen.

I was then made aware of Yiynovas new big screen in full HD, and I decided that an upgrade was reasonable. After using the MVP22U+IPS (v3) almost daily over the past month, I think that I am able to convey a few words on my experience with the screen.


In the pure technical and physical department, there have been a few major changes. Firstly, the screen has become larger – it is now 22 inches, compared to the old one which was just 19 inches, and that’s actually three noticeably inches. The MSP19U had a screen size of 41×25 cm, and the new MVP22U+IPS (v3) is 48×27 cm. The ratio has been changed from 16:10 to 16:9, which is the standard widescreen aspect ratio. This is better to work with in graphical applications, as it provides more space for the menus on the sides and a larger canvas in the middle.

MVP22U+IPS (v3) is born with a new interface connector. The old one was VGA and the new one is DVI. According to Yiynova this is in response to a request by the graphics market. If you don’t have a DVI slot in your computer, it’s not a problem, as several adaptors come with the package. Mine is now connected via a HDMI slot, which work really well. The drawing monitor still needs a free USB slot for the stylus to works.


Now the screen resolution is in full HD. On the old screen the resolution was 1440×900 pixels, and the new one can boast of 1920×1080 pixels. The display technology is also new, where the old one had TFT LED the new one uses IPS, which provides better images and colors. However, I found it necessary to calibrate the screen before use, as the colors were not consistent with those on my calibrated laptop. I used an “i1 Display Pro” to quickly obtain a satisfactory result.

The setup of the drawing monitor is exactly the same as on the old MSP19U, so if you want tips on this, you may want to read the review HERE.


Another thing you notice on the screen, is that Yiynova may have been inspired by Wacom, and put in a set of hotkeys on the monitor. There are now eight buttons on the top of the screen, which are pre-programmed for different tasks, but they can fortunately be reprogrammed to fit exactly whatever you are using the most. One of the first things I did was to give the first button the ctr+z function, since it is the one I use the most. It’s great that the monitor now has hotkeys, but because they are placed on the top of the screen I won’t be using them all that much. It is simply impractical to have to move your hand and arm to the top. And in addition,the buttons are surprisingly hard to press down. I imagine that the buttons are placed at the top, to avoid having to put buttons on both side to accommodate both left and right handed users, but the compromise is not optimal. With that said, it is a step in the right direction, and they are also used in my workflow.

The technology behind the stylus has gotten a little notch up on the paper too. It still has a pressure sensitivity of 2048 levels (which means, in theory, you can draw with 2048 different thicknesses with one brush without changing the size), and now register your pen stroke 200 times per second, compared to only 133 times per second on the old MSP19U.


Unlike the old MSP19U which broke after 14 days, the new MVP22U+IPS (v3) runs like a well-oiled machine for many hours non-stop almost every day, without so much as a peep. It just works, and it’s a real pleasure to draw on it. I have used it mainly in Manga Studio and Photoshop, but there should not be anything in the way of using it optimal in all applications that support pressure-sensitive digitizing screens. And if the software does not support this, then course it’ll still work, but just without the pressure sensitivity. Since I got the monitor, I’ve primarily used it for all my comic pages on , for example THIS and THIS .

MVP22U+IPS (v3) is more expensive than the old MSP19U, which is quite natural concidering the rather awesome improvements it has taken. Today you can buy the old MSP19U to around 649€, and the new and larger MVP22U+IPS (v3) costs around 899€ – so just about 250€ more expensive. Considering the larger screen, better aspect ration and that it’s now in full HD, I think it is money well spent. If you are about to buy your first drawing monitor, you should definitely choose to spend a little more money on the project and choose the new MVP22U+IPS (v3) … it is a really, really good investment.


If you are considering getting a Wacom Cintiq at the same 22 inch size in HD, then you should prepare yourself to pay at least 1800€ for it. That’s just about twice as much as MVP22U+IPS (v3) from Yiynova. If you compare the Yiynova to the Wacom, Yiynova will win every time when we’re talking “value-for-money“.

I give the MVP22U+IPS (v3) from Yiynova my warmest recommendations. You won’t get a better drawing monitor for that kind of money and there is really no logical reason to pay twice as much for the unreasonable expensive Wacom Cintiq. There is still room for improvement, but overall you get a creative monster for a relatively cheap money.

SCORE: 9 of 10

As always, if you have questions YIYNOVA MVP22U+IPS (v3), feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer.

If you have not already done so, you may want to read my review of Yiynovas predecessor, MSP19U, HERE .

[box title=”EASY BUY AT YIYNOVA” color=”#3c6619″]
amazon-iconThe chepest, best and most secure way to purchase this drawing monitor is to buy it directly at Yiynova. HERE is a DIRECT LINK to the MVP22U+IPS (v3).

[box title=”PRO-TIP” color=”#3c6619″]
I strongly recommend you getting a “draw-glove” for when you work on the drawing monitor. I use a really nice glove that Yiynova have developed, the ARTIST GLOVE . The glove has only one finger, the little finger, and the rest are free, which gives you great mobility and sensitivity to your fingers, except where the hand is resting on the screen.


If you don’t use a glove your hand will ” stick” to the glass and it will bounce on it, instead of the neat frictionless movement you can achieve with a glove. The gloves from Yiynova are sent as pairs, one for right-handed and one for left-handed, and they are one-size-fits-all.[/box]


  1. Hi,

    Thank you for the review. I am thinking to buy my first screen tablet after many many years on wacom intous 3. I read on your previous review of 19 inch version that the distance between the glass and the actual screen is 7 or 8 mm. Is still this big gap here also? I want to using this tablet mainly on ZBrush and Photoshop. Do you had the chance to test it on ZBrush maybe? Thank you again and have fun!

    • Hello Sorin,

      Yes, there is still the rather large gap of some 7-8 mm between the glas the the actual screen. But honestly, you soon forget all about that, and very naturally compensate for it when you draw. Some times it’s actually nice that there is a small offset, because then you have 100% control over where you draw – your view is not obscured by the pen. 🙂

      I have not tested this version with ZBrush, but I did that with the older one, and there are no problems. I’m positive that this version works with ZBrush too. 🙂

      (BTW… your 3D skills are amazing!!!)

  2. Hey Kim,

    Having my Yiynova for almost 2 months now and love it. Working like butter on ZBrush and Photoshop. The only complains are the drivers that limit my working with other 3D programs using multiple monitors setup, but yeah still working great! Thanks!! BTW yy last guy made was made 100% with Yiynova. 🙂


    • Hey Sorin,

      Thanks for the update. I’m glad the screen is working out for you! If you experience any compatability problems with drivers/monitors, try writing to Yiynova. I’m sure they’ll be able to help.

      Is that the “Male bust w/ hair” you mean? Impressive!!! 🙂

  3. First: I have to ask, you’re danish right? 😛

    Anyway. thank you for this review!
    I’m currently saving up for a display tablet, as I only have a wacom bamboo pen and touch.
    Do you know if the MVP22U works with paint tool sai?

    • Hey Tina,

      Yes, I’m danish! 🙂

      The MVP22U works fine with ANY software that use pressure sensitive technology – like Photoshop, Manga Studio, Sketchbook Pro and SAI!

      BTW, in the not so distant future I’ll be reviewing the NEW drawing screen from Yiynova – the MVP22U-RH (remote hotkey)… and let me tell you: it ROCKS!!! 🙂

  4. Hej Kim, jeg håber at det er i orden at jeg skriver på dansk.

    Jeg har før arbejdet med en Cintiq 12wx som jeg nu har solgt, da jeg gerne vil ha en større digitizer.

    Yiynova ser ud til at ha en fin størrelse og prisen ser ud til at være mere attraktiv end Wacom’s. Men hvad er din oplevelse med den i forhold til en Cintiq? Skærmen ser ud til at være lidt mere “glossy” og virker måske en smule glat i forhold til Wacom’s?

    Venlig hilsen


    • Hey Michael (I’m answering you in english, as others might benifit from this!) 🙂

      I haven’t worked on a Cintiq in… 7-8 years, I think. Honestly, I don’t remember how the surface was.

      The difference, as I understand it, is that the Cintiq has a plastic surface (do they still have those?), where as the Yiynova has a glass surface. I have never had a problem with this.

      And yes, I believe the 22 inch size is excellent. I wouldn’t want it smaller…

      • First of all, thanks for your’e quick respons. I didn’t realise it was glass and I do beilive that most of the cintiq surfaces are plastic, but I don’t know about the expensive ones.

        I must confess that I am groving pretty intrested in the alternative, but they do seem pretty hard to come by? I was visiting their site and most of their products is out of stuck… Is there any place else who ships to euroape?


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